Short course tuition

Looking for help with a specific topic or with honing your exam technique?

Short courses of tuition are most suitable for brushing up on one or two specific topics or clarifying academic concepts that may be proving difficult.  Short courses can also be useful to help prepare for a specific test – such as a university entrance aptitude test.

Greene’s can organise a short course of tuition at any time of the year.  Several short courses can be taken over the course of an academic year and booking in advance can ensure availability of the same tutor.  A series of short course may fit in well with organising academic support during school half-terms and holidays.

If you need to consolidate knowledge in a particular subject, come to grips with difficult concepts, work on study skills (e.g. essay writing and planning), or simply refresh your knowledge for examination, a short course may offer you the support and help you need.

To get the best out of your tutor and your tutorial be well prepared – short courses at Greene’s are based on a programme of individual tuition with independent study.  To get the best out of each tutorial you should expect to complete about three hours of independent study for each hour of tuition.  Spend time thinking about what you want to cover with your tutor and send any completed homework to your tutor beforehand.  The tutorial method of learning works best when the learning and understanding of topics is consolidated by probing discussion with your tutor.  The more prepared you are the more you will get out of your tutorial.

Many students choose to take short courses of tuition during half-term breaks and holidays leading up to summer examinations.  For 2016-2017 these are:

February half-term – Saturday, 11th February to Sunday, 19th February, 2017

Easter holiday – Saturday, 1st April until Monday 17th April 2017

May half-term – Saturday 27th May until Saturday 4th June 2017

Other dates for short courses are also possible – please enquire.

Short course tuition fees

Tuition typeHours
(see note 1 below)
FeesAdditional hoursLate booking fee
(please see note 2 below)
Academic tuition
(up to & including A level or equivalent)
(individual tuition)
340 Euros60 Euros65 Euros
University preparation
(application support & tests)
(individual tuition)
390 Euros65 Euros70 Euros


1. There is an initial minimum booking of five hours.

2. Please be aware that there is a late booking fee charged per subject per course should the tuition be requested and arranged within five days of the tuition taking place.

Assessments & TestsFeesNotes
Trial / mock exam50 Eurosper paper with no fixed dates

To apply for a short course of tuition please complete the online form by following the link at the top of this page.  For more information, please contact us using the form below.

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