General Terms & Conditions

  1. Definitions
    1. Greene’s Tutorial College Cooperativa CRL (Greene’s) is a company registered in Portugal as number 513752641. Our aims, policies, and activities are described on our website:
    2. Educational Services include individual and shared tuition, seminars and other group activities, courses, academic support, public examinations and other tests, and any other educational advice, activity, or programme provided by Greene’s. A Student enrols on an agreed and individual course of Educational Services.
    3. An Academic Programme is an individually designed assembly of Educational Services for which a student is enrolled and which also includes dates of expected Student attendance that may be referred to as term dates.
    4. Start Date is the date on which a Student must begin attendance at Greene’s and is the date on which an Academic Programme Starts.
    5. A Student is an individual of any age who is attending Greene’s for the purposes of receiving Educational Services from Greene’s. A Student receiving Educational Services and/or an Academic Programme from Greene’s is also attending Greene’s.
    6. Parents, including guardians, are those who have parental or legal responsibility individually and jointly for Students under the age of 18. Parents are expected to give their support and encouragement to the aims of Greene’s, to uphold its good name, and to ensure that a Student in their care maintains appropriate standards of individual study, punctuality, dress, and behaviour.
    7. Parents, including guardians, are also usually Clients. Clients may also include others who have paid for any Educational Service or who have made arrangements for any such payments to have been made.
    8. Greene’s Online is a resource accessed through the internet where Students/Candidates and Parents can view their details and communications from Greene’s regarding administrative and academic arrangements and results.
    9. Fees, as published on our website and as varied from time to time, are part of these Terms and Conditions.
    10. Notifications required in these Terms and Conditions to be made in writing must be in legible and unambiguous English or Portuguese.

  2. Enrolment, care, conduct, and health
    1. Application: Students wishing to register for attendance at Greene’s must complete an online application form, on which they should provide accurate details concerning their personal information and academic circumstances.
    2. Special educational and other needs: Where a report has been issued by an educational psychologist or any other educational or medical professional regarding any existing or potential learning difficulties - either physical or mental - for a student wishing to attend Greene’s, it must be made available to Greene’s by the Student, Parent, or Client. Greene’s may at any time require an educational psychologist’s report.
    3. English proficiency: Students wishing to attend Greene’s must meet an English language proficiency of at least the equivalent of level B2 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Students unable to show that they meet this requirement may be required to take and pass a Greene’s English language test before being allowed to start their course .Students with an English language proficiency below this level will require additional language support before beginning an Academic Programme, and failure to increase their English level sufficiently may negatively impact public examination results. If it becomes apparent during attendance at Greene’s that a Student’s language level is not of a sufficient level to undertake Educational Services effectively, Greene’s will recommend an appropriate course of English Language tuition, or recommend withdrawing from the services. Greene’s reserves the right to deny specific A level subject choices requiring a high level of English to any student whose language level will pose an insurmountable obstacle to its study.
    4. Care: Parents authorise Greene’s while in loco parentis, or acting on behalf of a Student who has reached the age of 16, to take and/or authorise in good faith all decisions that safeguard the Student’s welfare. Parents give consent to such physical contact as may be lawful, appropriate, and proper for providing comfort to a Student in distress, or to maintain safety and good order, or in connection with the Student’s health. Parents consent also to emergency medical treatment including blood transfusions, general anaesthetic, and operations under the SNS or at a private hospital where certified by a person who is appropriately qualified, as necessary for the Student’s welfare and if the Parents cannot be contacted in time.
    5. Conduct: Greene’s attaches importance to integrity and good manners. Whilst attending Greene’s or undertaking any Educational Services provided by Greene’s, Students are expected to act respectfully towards staff, tutors, and other Students, to arrive for any examinations or tutorials fully prepared and before the scheduled start time and to approach their work conscientiously.
    6. Health: Greene’s may at any time require a medical opinion or certificate as to the Student’s general health or regarding a specific ailment. Students and/or their Parents and Clients must inform Greene’s in writing of any known medical condition, health problem - either physical or mental - or allergy that the Student may have that could in any way impact their ability to attend or complete Educational Services at Greene’s. Students attending Greene’s full time for a year or more should register with a local doctor; others needing medical attention can be seen as temporary patients. Students are also advised to consider taking out medical insurance privately.

  3. Fees and extras
    1. Items covered: Fees are for an agreed Academic Programme; the cost of any other items incurred by Greene’s and not directly paid for by the Student may be charged as extras. Extras include, but are not limited to: accommodation, transport, external examination expenses, membership of clubs and societies, the Student social and cultural fund, university and UCAS application costs and the provision of books and other learning materials. Students and Parents should be aware that Greene’s does not normally supply learning materials, and that the costs of extras are not refundable.
    2. Accommodation: Greene’s can help Students and their Parents find suitable accommodation in Estoril. Students and their Parents are also free to make their own accommodation arrangements. Payment for accommodation is in addition to any payments for an agreed Academic Programme.
    3. Payment of Fees and extras: Before attendance at Greene’s, Students, Parents, or agreed third parties must have paid the Fees and any extras requested without deduction of any kind, including any bank charges. Prior to payment there is no obligation of Greene’s to provide any Educational Services, and a Student may be refused attendance where agreed Fees have not been paid in full.
    4. Refund of Fees and extras: Other than provided for in point 5.j), Fees for an agreed Academic Programme are not refundable. Students or Parents may either be refunded or credited any amount for extras that remain unused or uncommitted at the end of a Student’s attendance at Greene’s. All refunds are net of any foreign exchange losses and net of any credit card or other banking or transfer charges, and of any similar expenses incurred by Greene’s as well as, in the event of cancellation, deduction of a management charge of €150. Excepting illness, the management charge will be waived where an agreement for an Academic Programme has been cancelled for reasons outside the Student’s control or as set out in point 5.j).
    5. Responsibility for payment: The payment of Fees and extras is the joint and individual responsibility of each person who has agreed to an Academic Programme, or who has parental responsibility for a Student or given instructions in relation to the Student. A Student may be refused attendance at Greene’s to attend tuition, sit examinations, or access examination results while any payments remain unpaid.
    6. Payment by a third party: An agreement with a third party to pay any sum due to Greene’s does not release Parents, or Students from any liability under these Terms and Conditions unless otherwise agreed to in writing. Greene’s reserves the right to refuse a payment from a third party. All such payments received are accepted in good faith.
    7. Payment by instalment: Any agreement by Greene’s to accept payment of Fees by instalments is made on a case-by-case basis, and any such request must be made in writing and will only be agreed to by Greene’s in writing. Late settlement of agreed instalments will be dealt with as section (g) above.

  4. Attendance
    1. Postponement: A request from a Student and/or their Parents to postpone attendance on an Academic Programme must be made in writing and at least 30 days before the Start Date. An Academic Programme may not be postponed for more than three months, may not be postponed when the Start Date is less than 30 days from the invoice date, and any decision made by Greene’s for any such attendance to be postponed is made on a case-by-case basis.
    2. Discontinuation: Once Educational Services have commenced, should a student wish to discontinue, Fees cannot be refunded. Cases of serious illness or genuine hardship may receive special consideration on written request to Greene’s.
    3. Withdrawal: It may be necessary for a Student to be withdrawn from Greene’s. This may be because the conduct or academic progress of the Student has been unsatisfactory, or that the Student is unwilling or unable to profit from the educational opportunities offered by Greene’s, or that a Student’s conduct is prejudicial to the progress of other Students or the reputation of Greene’s. Whilst Greene’s will act fairly and will not ask for a Student to be withdrawn other than in grave circumstances, any decision for a Student to be withdrawn is made at Greene’s entire and sole discretion.
    4. Transfer: For whatever reason, a Student may not transfer to another Student their application, place on a course, or fees paid.
    5. Illness: Should a student become ill either before or during their attendance at Greene’s, no refund of any Fees can be made save as specified elsewhere in these Terms and Conditions.
    6. Visas: No refund of any Fees can be made on grounds of lack of visa or similar travel documents required to enter Portugal, save as specified elsewhere in these Terms and Conditions.

  5. General conditions
    1. Special precautions: Greene’s needs to be aware of any matters that are relevant to the security and safety of all Students and Candidates. Greene’s must therefore be notified in writing immediately of any court orders or situations of risk in relation to a Student for whom any special safety precautions may be needed.
    2. Liability and insurance: Greene’s does not, unless negligent, accept responsibility for accidental injury or loss of property; nor in this regard does it accept responsibility for the actions and conduct of the tutors it engages. Greene’s undertakes to maintain those insurances that are prescribed by law. All other insurances are the responsibility of Students or Parents, including insurance of the Student’s personal property whilst at Greene’s or a tutorial, or on the way to or from Greene’s or a tutorial, or on any college-sponsored activity away from Greene’s. Neither Greene’s nor its engaged tutors are the agent of the Student or the Parents for any purpose related to insurance.
    3. Students' personal property: Students are responsible for the security and safe use of all personal property, and are responsible for ensuring that all such property is clearly identifiable as to its owner.
    4. Data Protection: Greene’s collects and processes personal information on Students and Parents in line with European Union General Data Protection Regulation. Both Greene’s and its clients agree to observe all their obligations under GDPR which arise in connection with these Terms and Conditions.
    5. Intellectual property and copyright: All course information, techniques, and materials are the property of Greene’s and may not be reproduced or photocopied, or used for any other purpose than the Educational Services taken.
    6. Examinations, reports and references: Information supplied to Students and/or Parents and others concerning the progress, character, relevant examination results, further education, and career prospects of a Student in the form of a reference will be given conscientiously and with all due care and skill, but otherwise without liability on the part of Greene’s.
    7. Communication: Written communication includes communication by electronic means such as by email, or the posting of information on the Greene’s website and/or Greene’s Online, and must be in legible and unambiguous English or Portuguese.
    8. Media release: Students and/or Parents permit Greene’s to take general photographs or video film of Students in a group or as part of a group, and that this material may be used anonymously for publicity purposes in our printed publications, on our website, on Greene’s official social media channels, or all of the above; and that we may also send them to the news media for use in either or both printed and digital advertising, including advertising on the internet.
    9. Validity: These Terms and Conditions are valid and in force for all Students attending Greene’s and their Parents from the date they are agreed to until 12 months after the completion of any Educational Services. The obligations described in clauses 3 and 5 remain valid and continue in force for all Students no longer attending Greene’s, and their Parents, until all relevant and statutory obligations in those clauses have been discharged.
    10. Statutory rights & waiver: Nothing in these Terms and Conditions affects the statutory rights of Students or Parents, including the right to cancel any agreement for Educational Services for up to 14 days after the date that these Terms and Conditions have been agreed to, provided that the Educational Services have not yet started. Any waiver to any part of these Terms and Conditions is effective only if given in writing by Greene’s.
    11. Jurisdiction: These Terms and Conditions are governed exclusively by Portuguese Law.
    12. Clarity and fairness: Should Students and/or Parents feel that anything in these Terms and Conditions is ambiguous or unfair, Greene’s would be happy to answer any questions asked.
    13. Interpretation: Students attending Greene’s and their Parents and Clients have accepted these Terms and Conditions which supersede any previous versions. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is held invalid, illegal or unenforceable for any reason by any court of competent jurisdiction, such provision shall be severed and the remainder of the provisions shall continue in full force and effect as if the Terms and Conditions had been executed with the invalid, illegal, or unenforceable provision eliminated. Headings are for ease of reading only and are not otherwise part of the Terms and Conditions.

Last reviewed: August 2019