Greene’s Education Management:

Senior Tutor: Matthew Uffindell

As Senior Tutor, Matthew is one of the senior management team and has overall responsibility for academic and educational quality at Greene’s.  A graduate of Oxford University, Matthew has over 30 years experience in the further education sector.  He also oversees the various partnerships Greene’s is developing with schools and colleges across the world.


Managing Director: Christopher Upton

Christopher is one of the senior management team and, as the Managing Director, has overall commercial and business development responsibility for Greene’s worldwide.  A graduate of the University of Oxford, his passion for education and the environment has taken him throughout the world, working extensively for the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.


College Principal: Carmen Prozzillo

Carmen is the College Principal of Greene’s Tutorial College, Lisbon and is one of the senior managers at Greene’s Education.  She has overall responsibility for the full-time students and leads a team of Personal Tutors and administrative staff who help students to organise their academic programmes at Greene’s.  A graduate of the University of Oxford, Carmen has many years experience of ensuring Greene’s students reach their full potential.


Academic Director: Alex Gray

Alex is the Academic Director at Greene’s and is the senior manager responsible for the recruitment, continuing training and management of Greene’s tutors worldwide.  A graduate of Oxford University, where he was also later a college lecturer, Alex’s educational research interests lie in the effective use of new and emerging technologies to support and enhance the learning process, ensuring that all Greene’s students achieve their desired goals.


Greene’s Tutorial College, Lisbon staff

Deputy College Principal: Daniel Ramalho

Daniel is the Deputy College Principal as well as being a Personal Tutor and the Senior English Language tutor.  He is a graduate of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa with undergraduate and masters degrees specialising in Philosophy & Linguistics.  Daniel also holds a number of professional English Language teaching qualifications.  He has a wealth of teaching experience from all over the world and is highly successful at inspiring his students.


Registrar & tutor in Philosophy: Luca Baptista

Luca is the College’s Registar and also tutors students in Philosophy.  A highly experienced and passionate tutor and lecturer with over 20 years’ experience, Luca has taught and worked at a wide range of institutions – including at university level with Universidade Nova de Lisboa and Universidade Católica.  He holds a PhD in Communication Theory from the Universidade Nova de Lisboa.


Leadership tutor: Marco Meireles

Marco teaches the Greene’s Leadership programme which is taken by all students.  One of the most celebrated Leadership Coaches in the world, he provides courses and consulting to the top CEOs and directors of major companies as well as to Greene’s students.  The President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, gave a glowing review of his recent book.


Personal tutor & tutor in mathematics: Filomena Gonçalves

Filomena is a personal tutor as well as teaching mathematics for the College.  A graduate of Northeastern University in the United States, Filomena has nearly 20 years experience as a maths tutor.  She is an inspiring tutor who passionately believes that every student can do well at mathematics and is great at inspiring self-confidence in their own abilities in her students.


Personal tutor & tutor in physics, chemistry & mathematics: Nuno Pires

Nuno is a personal tutor as well as teaching physics, chemistry and mathematics for the College.  A graduate of the Universidade de Lisboa, Nuno has over a decade of experience of teaching mathematics and sciences.  He has a great abilitiy to make even the most complex scientific concepts logical and easy to understand.  He is great believer in the tutorial method of learning and inspires his students with a life long love of his subjects.


Personal tutor & tutor in biology: Martyn Steiner

Martyn is a personal tutor as well as teaching biology for the College.  A graduate of Cambridge University in the UK, Martyn has many year’s experience of teaching biology and science to all age groups and of helping his personal tutees to achieve their full potential.  In his spare time he is very interested in Japan and Japanese culture and is learning to speak Japanese.


Personal tutor & tutor in business studies: Lourenço Booth

Lourenco is a personal tutor as well as teaching Business Studies for the College.  A graduate of both the Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administração de Lisboa and the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lourenco is a highly experienced tutor and teacher with a wealth of real world business experience on which he can call to make the subject come alive to his students.


Personal tutor & tutor in economics: Pedro Serôdio

Pedro is a personal tutor as well as teaching economics for the College.   He holds a masters degree in economics from the Lisbon School of Economics & Management and is a very popular tutor with his students.  Pedro is passionate about the tutorial method of learning and has an absolute passion to see each of his students achieve everything they possibly can.


Bursar: Hugo Maia

Hugo acts as the College’s Bursar.  A fully certified accountant Hugo has worked in a number of multi-national companies.  A passionate educator Hugo has significant experience running sports-based summer camps for children.



Tuition co-ordinator and Academic Administrator: Miriam Casmarrinha

Miriam co-ordinates the College’s programme of tuition.  A native of Lisbon and a mother of two, Miriam ensures that the College’s tuition runs smoothly at all times.  A great believer in the tutorial method of learning, Miriam has run a number of successful businesses prior to taking on this important role at Greene’s Lisbon.